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What to Take to a Home Inspection?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

You have decided to buy a home and have made a list of potentials. After narrowing your search to one or two options, it’s time to consider a home inspection. Now that the inspection is scheduled, what should you take to the inspection?

The answer quite simple, just show up. Many buyers or sellers skip the home inspection because of scheduling issues, not sure if they’re allowed to be there, or they don’t have the time or interest. This is your opportunity to see the full house at your leisure. It is a 2-6 hour period, depending on the size of the home and services requested, for you to be present with no pressure and little distraction. You will get a good feel for the home especially if your first visit was filled with excitement that caused you to forget or look past certain details. Agents may accompany you and the inspector, some will show up for a short time, and other agents may not show up at all. Items to consider bringing include a camera, a notepad, and measuring tape.

The home inspection process is just not for the inspector or agent, this is your time to view the whole house and determine if it is the right fit for you.

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