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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A wind mitigation inspection is a review of a home’s construction to determine the stability against strong winds and storms. The wind mitigation report will provide insurance companies with information toward substantial discounts on your home insurance premiums. Premiums can range from 45-88%.

What do inspectors look for, how long does it take, and how often is a wind mitigation inspection needed? Inspectors use factors such as age of the home, location, building codes at the time of construction, type of roof coverings, the method of roof deck and roof to wall attachments, roof geometry, the presence of secondary water resistant barriers, and opening protection ratings. For example, factors that define discounts include the presence of clips and wraps rather than toe nails, a hip vs gable roof, and opening protections including shutters or impact rated windows and doors. The inspection process varies with each inspector but averages from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The wind mitigation report is good for 5 years to maintain and update discounts.

The inspector will identify your roof coverings, inspect the openings such as windows and doors, and look through your attic. It is important to prepare your home and documentation prior to the inspection. Documentation includes permits, invoices, product type, model, and serial numbers for roofs, shutter systems, garage doors, windows, and exterior doors. This information should be organized and readily accessible with your records. Without documentation, it may be difficult for the inspector to verify information on the report.

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